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Conference, Networking & Employee involves a large number of delegates making it an important formal event. At Sai Ram Events, we take care of the complete setup suitable for the type of conference. Conferences planning and Seminars are a major way to bring in a boost to their clients as well as employees. Companies along with their clients and employees work together, hand in hand just to create more opportunities for themselves as well as an opening for the one they are working with. To maintain a good repo with their existing clients or distributors or dealers and even the employees, the company put in the effort to organize these conferences and seminars. To appreciate the effort involved, enlighten the bond between the industries; create a sense of belonging and thus working together towards a greater good is the motive involved in any conference executed.

Conferences & Seminars

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Awards Functions

Incentives, Rewards, and Appreciation Emboldens employees to continue their hard work, dedication and support for the organization. The award function is one of the important ceremonies to be organized by any concerned industry to encourage people of excellence in particular area or field. Besides these awards, there are numerous National and International Awards conferred to the citizen for specific achievement in particular area. Some of the famous industries which pronounce the annual awards are film industry both at national and international levels.Once we decide the allocation of budget with client, we organize the function accordingly. First we decide the venue of the award function as per the requirement and nature of the award ceremony. Whether the organization which is conferring the awards the fellow is profitable-organization or non-profitable organization which decides the type of the venue where the award ceremony to be held.

Brand & Product Launches

Facility Inaugurations

Merchandising intensifies the Visibility of the product or the services of a company (brand) as a whole both internally and externally. Giving away merchandises Differentiates the brand from the Contemporaries in the market which indirectly generates sales, builds loyalty and serves the purpose of Brand Recall. We provide qualitative services for promotion activity that helps our clients in brand recognition and visibility of products. For this, we organize various modes of promotion that includes road shows, canopy promotion, in-shop promotion, branding, mall promotion, product launches, FMCG product promotion etc, that are mainly focused on the target market and end users. Our team includes experienced professionals, who assure trouble free and smooth implementation of activities within minimal budget.


Indian weddings are a gigantic affair filled with immense colorful events and a long list of traditions which goes on for days. Weddings in India are not a small gathering with family members and close circle of friends like it is in most of the other parts of the world., rather whenever a wedding takes place in India, it just happens that the guests list keeps on increasing, majority of whom are totally strangers for the bride and groom as well. Indian weddings are a potpuri of different cultures and traditions but in the present scenario, Indian weddings are a mixure of the old and the reformed traditions resulting from either the old arranged way or the modern way of love marriage. Perhaps, most marriages are arranged by the parents of both the parties while the others go for love marriages. Usually its said that the bride and the groom whose taking the plunge is not only bonded with the person he/she is marrying but infact its like marrying with their whole family's.

Sports Management

When we take over the management of an event we can bring years of "hands on" experience to the organisation and delivery of your event, this can have a fantastic positive effect on these events when teachers are freed from organisational duties on the day leaving them to participate more fully, encourage their students and be more accessible to parents and spectators. For most busy parents school Fun Days and Sports Days can be the only opportunity some have to see their children performing with and against their school friends. They can also be a fantastic opportunity for staff and parents to meet in a slightly more informal setting. With the help and support of Sports Pathway Coaching your staff and students can really help your school to deliver a great day and leave parents with a fantastic positive impression of your school.

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